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Frequently Asked Questions

Any professional or business that is stagnant in terms of organic positioning, has a problem with their business profile or Google listing, has hired a SEO service and has not achieved results, etc.

In short, if you need to improve the positioning of your website, this consultancy is for you.

In principle your website or Google listing, in order to review them and detect the points of improvement or strategy to follow.

Each website and business is different, so the service is personalized.

You will get a path to follow to improve the positioning of your website or Google listing.

With my experience and advice, you will have the necessary tools to start working on your website the next day.

No, consulting is the analysis of your business, website or file in order to set up a series of actions and prioritize them in order to achieve a greater impact or results.

You will have to make these changes or implementations on your own.

If we talk about monthly SEO consulting, it will depend on the market niche of your business, the competition and the actions to be taken to achieve the objectives.

In a monthly SEO consultancy I will be in charge of taking the strategy and reviewing the most successful changes and implementations, so the price will be given when requesting a quote that will be customized after reviewing the points mentioned above.

It is the unique evaluation of the website or listing/profile on Google. For ongoing advice you should request a personalized quote to carry out the SEO strategy of your business.