I will help you to get visits and clients thanks to your web site.

I’m Jhon Cruz and I help local businesses to get more visibility and more customers with SEO, web analytics and CRO.

You have a physical business, online store, small business or you are independent-autonomous but you do not have a website or the one you made is not getting visits or customers.

Many of the pages that exist on the internet are created and then abandoned by their owners because they fail to succeed or take off at all.

That’s why you may be asking yourself questions like:

  • How do I get more customers online?
  • How do I get more people to visit my online or physical business?
  • How do I get positioned by the keywords of my niche market?
  • How can I sell more through my online store?
  • Why my competitors appear first in the search results and my website doesn’t even show up on the second page of the search engine?


Luckily, I am here to help you and your business improve its organic positioning through search engine optimization.

My mission is to get any business, professional or company, without online visibility, to be able to show up for their market keywords and make their products or services profitable.

Who I am?

I have always found fascination in studying and constantly acquiring new knowledge. In the dynamic world of SEO, staying on top of the latest trends is essential to deliver quality results.

My specialty lies in local SEO, but I also have solid experience working with online stores and international strategies. My background ranges from working with local businesses to optimizing ecommerces and informative blogs.

SEO is not just my job, it’s my lifestyle. I immerse myself daily in continuous training to adapt to the constant changes and demands of this exciting profession.

In recognition of my dedication, I have achieved Gold Product Expert status on the Google Business Profile forum. There, I contribute by helping profile owners resolve any issues they may have with their Google profile/listing.

My commitment goes beyond strategies; it’s about understanding and overcoming SEO challenges, offering effective solutions to my clients.

Jhon cruz seo

More about me

I am a curious and restless person, always looking to learn and grow. My methodical and planning approach guides me in every project, where excellence is my standard.

Outside of the professional realm, I find inspiration in nature and enjoy immersing myself in the world of music, where I play the guitar to express my creativity. Painting is another of my passions, and from time to time, I immerse myself in the universe of video games.

Doing things right, or even better, is my motto both in life and at work. I am committed to success and quality in everything I undertake.