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SEO Jhon Cruz

I am Jhon Cruz, freelance SEO consultant based in Colombia, with over 5 years of experience, I have developed and implemented organic positioning strategies with national and international clients, from various niches and sectors.

My goal is to make your website or company visible in search engines and that the traffic you get is profitable for your business. I use professional tools and my experience to achieve this.

Freelance SEO Consultant

Some of the services I offer in Colombia and the rest of the world, depending on your web needs:

SEO Audit

It is vital to know the current status of your project to detect possible errors and implement improvements that will help your website's search engine ranking.

SEO Consulting

I help you to draw the best SEO strategy according to the objectives we set, and then execute it effectively.

SEO Penalties

Whether due to malpractice or ignorance of the subject, we will work to move your penalized project forward.

Local SEO

If you have a business that sells services or products in a certain area, local SEO will give you the visibility you need to reach customers looking for your business.


Links are still of great importance and usefulness for Google. I carry out campaigns with links related to your business, without the possibility of penalties, to increase the authority of the web.

SEO Migrations

Planning, execution and monitoring of migrations for domain changes, platform or CMS changes, web restructuring or https protocols.

Content Strategy

Web optimization is not possible without good content and copywriting behind it, to reach your potential audience and meet your business objectives.

WPO Optimization

A fast server response, optimized web at code level, resources used, etc, are points to check in the load speed optimizations.

Web Design

A website without a correct design according to its market niche, is not very attractive for your potential clients. I offer you optimal solutions in web design.

My work methodology

Project briefing

In this first phase, I need all the relevant information about your project, opportunities and needs, to know where to start.

Agree on objectives

We will set realistic, measurable and achievable goals according to your business, because an SEO strategy without concrete objectives, will be blind and will not be profitable in the long term.

Outline strategy to be followed

Each website is different and therefore needs to be treated in a special way. I do not position through packs or number of keywords, because not all searches are worth the same. At this point we define what strategy to implement to achieve the proposed objectives, as well as, I will study your direct competition.

On Page Optimization

From the definition of the keywords to work with, to the internal optimization of your website: SEO tags, web architecture, internal linking, content strategy, loading speed, header hierarchy etc. I will fine-tune your website so that the crawlers will see it with good eyes.

Off Page Optimization

I analyze the authority and reputation of your website on the Internet and search engines, to design strategies to improve it with the acquisition of quality links and affinity to your website.

Report and report of results

Every month you will have a report with the actions taken and the results obtained. Seeing the evolution of the project and the milestones achieved are vital to make the right decisions when managing an Internet project.

Make SEO the cornerstone of your digital strategy

Don’t lose more customers because they can’t find you on search engines!

How will SEO positioning help your website?

The main benefits of a correct SEO campaign are:

Increased traffic to your website

The visits interested in your products or services will be increased by the keywords you are positioning. It will be qualified traffic.

Increased profitability

If you get more traffic from search engines, you increase the probability of getting more sales, more leads or potential customers interested in your products or services.

More visibility

Being at the top of the search results generates a sense of trust and security in users towards your website, which will increase branding or brand recognition.

Still not clear on what SEO is?

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the most used search engine by all: Google.

The higher you appear in the search engine for a keyword of importance to your business, the more likely you are to get visitors or potential customers.

This position is determined by algorithms that evaluate the quality of the page and its popularity, among other factors, to place it in the ranking.

I offer you my tools and knowledge to achieve the best possible positions in your online project.

Professional tools I usually use

I rely on reliable tools to plan, measure and analyze the results of my SEO campaigns.

These are some of the highlights

As a freelance SEO consultant delivering results is key to maintaining a good relationship with my clients.

I have worked on different projects and we have achieved great results compared to the state before SEO work.

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